Distribution of lubricants in Poland

We would like to offer a wide range of products of the German company HOLIFA Fröhling GmbH & Co. KG for metal forming industry, also for automotive industry:

  • Stamping oils
  • Cutting oils
  • Fineblanking oils
  • Drawing emulsions
  • Drawing powders, emulsions, oils, pastes

HOLIFA Fröhling GmbH & Co. KG for more than 60 years have specialized in the production of metal forming lubricants for any industrial metal forming processes (cutting, fineblanking, stamping, forming, drawing). We guarantee best product quality. We would be pleased if you contact us to find a right product for your needs. Furthermore we would like to stress the fact that HOLIFA have close business relations with FEINTOOL the world leader of fineblanking technology.

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